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August 27th 2024


Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson cross the Atlantic at the height of World War I in pursuit of a mysterious coded telegram in this new novel from the author of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution


June, 1916. With a world war raging on the continent, exhausted John H. Watson, M.D. is operating on the wounded full-time when his labors are interrupted by a knock on his door, revealing …

Sherlock Holmes, with a black eye, a missing tooth and a cracked rib. The story he has to tell will set in motion a series of world-changing events in the most consequential case of the detective’s career. Amid rebellion in Ireland and revolution in Russia, Germany
has a secret plan to win the war and Sir William Melville of the British Secret Service dispatches the two aging friends to learn what the scheme is before it can be put into effect. In pursuit of a mysterious coded telegram sent from Berlin to an unknown recipient in Mexico, Holmes and Watson must cross the Atlantic, dodge German U-boats and assassination attempts, and evade the intrigues of young J. Edgar Hoover, while enlisting the help of a beautiful, eccentric Washington socialite as they seek to foil the schemes of Holmes’s nemesis, the escaped German spymaster Von Bork.

Sherlock Holmes and the Telegram from Hell plunges Holmes into a world that eerily resembles our own, where entangling alliances, treaties, and human frailty threaten to create another cataclysm.


In Praise of Sherlock Holmes and the Telegram from Hell::


“Nicholas Meyer, a master storyteller, brings Holmes and Watson triumphantly to life during the English, American, and Mexican intrigues of the Great War. His witty and riveting mystery, based on a crucial historical event, has a brilliant climax.” JEFFREY MEYERS 

“For me,  Nicholas Meyer has managed the impossible, which is to sound exactly like Arthur Conan Doyle, as he plunges Holmes and Watson into a time in our history when the survival of Britain and the British was under threat. The danger is real and so, by this stage, at any rate for most of us, are Holmes and Watson. The combination is irresistible. It will not surprise the reader that in Sherlock Holmes and the Telegram from Hell,  the Great Detective surpasses himself.”  JULIAN FELLOWES, creator of Downton Abbey and The Gilded Age

“For decades, Nicholas Meyer has held sway as the preeminent author of Sherlockian tales, and Sherlock Holmes and the Telegram from Hell demonstrates his strengths in profusion: crisp plotting, rich cultural-political background, many flashes of wit, and an abiding zest for the game.”  ALEX ROSS, bestselling author of The Rest Is Noise


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