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1974 Target Practice Hardcover.jpg

TARGET PRACTICE is a chilling, different kind of detective story, as rooted in reality as today's headlines. On the red-eye from Dulles to LAX, private investigator Mark Brill has no idea the weepy blonde in the next seat will plunge him out of his rather seedy routine into a case that would eventually put his own life on the line.  


Shelly Rollins, shattered by her brother's suicide, is determined to remove the stain from his name. It is June 1972, and American POW's have just come home from Vietnam, but already these men, with their medals, their wounds, and their hangups seem better off forgotten or ignored. Hardly anyone cared when Major Anthony Joseph Bruno, senior officer at the North Vietnamese prison camp known as "the Swamp," accused Sergeant Harold Rollins of collaborating with the enemy. And hardly anyone but his sister—seated next to Brill on the plane—noticed when  Sergeant Rollins put a bullet through his right temple.  It promised to be a simple chore, interviewing survivors who had been prisoners with Rollins and Bruno. But Brill soon finds himself stalking a grim, elusive secret that leads to strange places and desperate people, some of whom want him dead.


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